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Local Law 87 Compliance

Energy Technician

iAG Energy performs full-service energy audits and retro-commissioning services so your building can comply with Local Law 87 and keep energy costs as low as possible.

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Local Law 84 Compliance

Energy Benchmarking NYC

We are experts in energy benchmarking, such as LL84 compliance. From thorough reports on all systems to notifying tenants & submitting the forms, we do it all.

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Energy Efficiency Experts

DoB Energy Violation Repairs

Schedule a consultation with one of the ASHRAE certified engineers at iAG Energy and save money with lower energy usage while complying with NYC Local Law 87.

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Welcome to iAG Energy

Energy Auditing, Retro-Commissioning and Benchmarking
Specialists in New York City

Local Law 87 and Local Law 84 Compliance NYC
Let us get your compliance in order while keeping your energy costs as low as possible

iAG Energy performs a range of energy-efficiency services in New York City, including compliance for Local Law 87 and Local Law 84 as well as services for Department of Buildings violations.

We are comprised of some of the best-qualified energy engineers in the city, with the goal of saving you and your building as much energy and money as possible in the most efficient way possible.

In addition, our team is passionate about great customer service. This means that everyone in our organization, from our engineers to our administrative staff, approach you and your property with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Call us at 212-726-0629 any time for a completely free consultation regarding our services or feel free to browse around our site for more information.

Our Services

Local Law 87 Compliance

Local Law 87 refers to a recently introduced law that requires all buildings in New York City over 50,000 square feet to undergo an Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning, and then submit an Energy Efficiency Report to the city. This is to be done every 10 years.

iAG Energy's Local Law 87 service ensures full LL87 compliance. In addition to just compliance, our energy audits are invaluable to building owners and property managers. Performed by some of the city's most experienced energy engineers, our energy audits clearly outline and enumerate the potential energy deficits of a building and the ways in which they can be remedied so that you can make the necessary changes to save as much money as possible now and in the future.

If your building is a commercial building, you may be eligible to save up to 50% on project costs for Local Law 87 through the Flex Tech with NYSERDA. Call us at 212-726-0629 to learn more.

Find out more about LL87 and our Local Law 87 compliance services or call us at 212-726-0629. Financing options are available!

Local Law 84 Compliance

Local Law 84 requires all buildings over 50,000 square feet to conduct a thorough energy benchmarking report every year. Its aim is to give building owners and property managers a better sense of their energy usage to hopefully become more energy-conscience.

Usually an involved and time-consuming process, iAG Energy ensures that your LL84 compliance is completely hassle-free. We deal directly with your tenants and their paperwork and even submit the report to the City to confirm its acceptance. We have benchmarked thousands of buildings both commercial and residential - all with 100% compliance.

Find out more about LL87 and our Local Law 84 compliance services or call us at 212-726-0629.

Local Law 84 Benchmarking Violation Removals

iAG Energy can remove any violations you have received from the Department of Buildings so that you can be violation free at your next re-finance. We can remove your violations in the most efficient, safe and future-proof fashion.

Have a Commercial Building?

If you are a commercial building owner or property manager you may be able to save up to 50% off the project cost for Local Law 87 through the Flex Tech program with NYSERDA.

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Some of Our Satisfied Clients

  • Everyone at iAG

    made a tedious project very easy for our company by providing excellent, accurate and timely service. We appreciate the help and recommend them highly!

    Building Owner
    New York, NY

    iAG's Energy Audit

    has given us a completely new view of how we can save money at our building. Many of the energy upgrades are actually kind of minor in scope and we have already implemented almost half of them. We have already seen savings within the first four months and the residents are happy to be living in a building that is getting "greener" by the day.

    Building Owner

  • iAG Engineers

    were extremely quiet and careful while working inside our building. Our building is a hotel, so we were conscious of not making the process an inconvenience for our guests and iAG followed through. Totally professional and will recommend.

    Property Manager
    Brooklyn, NY


    Energy auditing proposal was less than half that of the closest firm. The job was done quickly and efficiently and we are now compliant with 87 for the next decade. We know great value when we see it and we would absolutely recommend iAG Energy's services.

    Property Manager

Why Choose iAG?

Working with iAG Energy means working with consummate professionals- from our auditors and energy specialists to our representatives and each member of our personnel. We are passionate about exceptional service and saving our customers as much on energy costs as possible.

  • We Make It Easy: We know that the last thing you want your building to undergo is an energy audit or a benchmarking procedure. That's why we make the process as hassle-free and out-of-the-way as possible while maintaining only the most standards.
  • We Go Above & Beyond: Beyond simple compliance, our energy audit and benchmarking reports give building owners invaluable knowledge about their energy usage and how they can cut costs easily and effectively.
  • We Are the Experts: Our energy engineers and auditors include the most knowledgeable and technical professionals

Best of all...

iAG Provides the Best Value. Guaranteed.

So don't wait to get your building compliant. Call us today at 212-726-0629 for a completely free consultation to find out how fast, efficient and economical it is to work with iAG Energy.