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The Best Service and Best Value for Local Law 87 Energy Audits & Retro-Commissioning

At iAG Energy, we provide building owners and property managers in New York City with comprehensive Local Law 87 Energy Audits and Retro-Commisioning reports so that you stay in compliance with the law while ensuring your energy costs are kept as low as possible.

Don't use just anyone for your building's energy audit needs. The experts at iAG energy provide you the most thorough, most compliant, and most hassle-free experience. Call us today at 212-726-0629 or send us a message to enjoy a free quote.

What is Local Law 87?

Starting in 2013, Local Law 87 requires all buildings in New York City over 50,000 square feet to meet an energy-auditing and retro-commissioning requirement. Compliance deadlines begin Dec. 31 2013.

Audits are performed depending on the last digit of your tax block number. Refer to the chart below:

Last digit
of tax block











Report due
in year

2023, etc.

2024, etc.

2025, etc.


2026, etc.

2027, etc.

2028, etc.

2029, etc.

2030, etc.

2031, etc.

2032, etc.

What exactly do I have to do to ensure compliance?

There are three basic steps to ensure compliance with Local Law 87:

  1. Energy Audit: The energy audit is performed by certified engineers at the building. At its most basic, the audit consists of a comprehensive evaluation of all of the building's energy systems. This can include heating, water, lighting, electric and any other system that may be contributing to the building's overall energy usage. After gathering this information, our engineers construct a thorough audit that evaluates the building's performance and makes recommendations on how to increase energy efficiency and related performance efficiences.
  2. Retro-Commissioning: Using the information gathered from the audit, a retro-commissioning engineer identifies certain deficiencies in the building's base energy systems that must be fixed or upgraded. Typically, these are low-cost to no-cost fixes. The goal of retro-commissioning is to optimize the performance of existing systems without having to completely replace them.
  3. Energy Efficiency Report: This report consists of both the energy audit report and retro-commisioning report. This is submitted to the city's Department of Buildings.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Call iAG Energy at 212-726-0629 for a completely free quote regarding our Local Law 87 compliance services.

Where can I learn more?

Here are some important links about the law:

Basic overview (nyc.gov)Local law 87 (nyc.gov)LL 87 detailed summary (nyc.gov)

iAG's Energy Audit

has given us a completely new view of how we can save money at our building. Many of the energy upgrades are actually kind of minor in scope and we have already implemented almost half of them. We have already seen savings within the first four months and the residents are happy to be living in a building that is getting "greener" by the day.

Building Owner

iAG Technicians

were extremely quiet and careful while working inside our building. Our building is a hotel, so we were conscious of not making the process an inconvenience for our guests and iAG followed through. Totally professional and will recommend.

Property Manager
Brooklyn, NY


Energy auditing proposal was less than half that of the closest firm. The job was done quickly and efficiently and we are now compliant with 87 for the next decade. We know great value when we see it and we would absolutely recommend iAG Energy's services.

Property Manager

iAG Energy's strength

is giving clients a lay-person's understanding of the energy audit results and retro-commissioning process. We were initially not interested in upgrading our energy systems but after consulting at length with iAG engineers it became clear that we could not afford not to upgrade our facilities. Our property group represents over a dozen buildings in Lower Manhattan and they are all scheduled to be audited and recommissioned by iAG.

Property Manager

Why Choose iAG?

Working with iAG Energy means working with experts in their field- from our auditors and energy specialists to our representatives and each member of our personnel. We are passionate about exceptional service and saving our customers as much on energy costs as possible.

  • We Make It Easy: We're realistic. We know that the last thing you want your building to undergo is an energy audit. As such, we make the process as hassle-free and out-of-the-way as possible while maintaining only the most standards.
  • We Go Above & Beyond: Beyond simple compliance, our energy audit reports give building owners invaluable knowledge about their energy usage and how they can cut costs easily and effectively.
  • We Are the Experts: Our energy engineers and auditors include the most knowledgeable and technical professionals

Best of all...

iAG Energy Provides the Best Value. Guaranteed.

So don't wait to get your building compliant. Call us today at 212-726-0629 for a completely free quote to find out how fast, efficient and economical it is to work with iAG Energy.